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Productive Families Build Strong Communities

Pastor Pearla Harvey is the founder of Community First, Inc., which we call CFI . April 6, 2006 the organization received its official 501 (c) (3) status from  I RS. This grassroots organization was formed specifically to educate and encourage disadvantaged families to seek a better life in the Jasper and Beaufort Counties of South Carolina

We are committed to creating a variety of programs designed to address the needs of these families. Even though we are active in advocacy our main focus is the youth and helping them to become productive citizens in the community. Supporting the development of self-confidence and personal growth, CFI provides families and  individuals with a thorough foundation for future success.

We feel that if we are able to successfully reach the children and families in need at an early age we can drastically reduce some of the social problems facing our community. Through the reduction of these issues we will be able to build stronger people and a stronger community.  By addressing the needs of young people we can set an example for future generations and eventually break the negative cycles that exist in our community.

Recognizing the needs that exist in our local communities our organization has created programs which are implemented by a well trained staff to provide opportunities for addressing the issues facing local families and children. The organization's goals are accomplished by implementation of stimulating activies and materials that are organized around a well-developed prospectus. Ongoing evalution assures progress and cost-effectiveness.

Discipline Bad  Behavior Encourage Successful Adulthood

Currently in the City of Hardeeville, only 55.5 percent  of the city's residents who are over the age of 25 have completed high school and only 5 percent have earned a 4 year college degree. These figures can have the potential to create a dangerous ripple effect that devalues the  importance of education from one generation to the next. In many situations if a parent has not graduated from high school then  their children do not understand or recognize the importance of a high school education and are much less likely to finish. This same scenario can be applied to college graduates as well.

This problem is compounded by a lack of programs designed to help those individuals who are interested in going back to school or continuing their education.

According to National Center for Educational Statistics, dropping out of high school is related to a number of negative outcomes. For example, the average income of persons ages 18 through 65 who had not completed high school was roughly $20,100. in 2005. By comparison, the average income of person's ages 18 through 65 who completed their education with a high school credential, including a General Educational Development (GED) certificate, was nearly $29,700. Dropouts are also less likely to be in the labor force than those with a high school credential or higher and are more likely to be unemployed if they are in the labor force. In terms of health, dropouts older than age 24 ten to report being in worse health than adults who are not dropouts, regardless of income. Dropouts also make up disproportionately higher percentages of the nation's prison and death row inmates.

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